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Mischief Mouse's collection of craft activities for preschool and early years.
Printable resources to help support play - colouring, mark making, labelling, promoting, engaging and extending..
Magical Mammoth's recipes to play with and recipes to eat ..
Stitch Squirrel provides a little tree space for some needle and thread projects  - handmade resources to support learning and development.
Activities for math - Calculator caterpillar's activity ideas to support children's numeracy, reasoning and problem solving play.
Hope Hedgehog invites visitors to take a look through some articles of interest ...
Navigator Narwhal's outdoor - in activity ideas for preschool and early years play.

Welcome to silkysteps & a range of  UK based preschool activity ideas for children and crafting adults. All resources have been developed to use in early years nursery, at home and in care settings. Please browse for planning & parent partnership suggestions that include creative arts and crafts, recipes, ideas to share, projects & activities that aim to promote tactile materials, loose media and parts in children's play.
Enjoy what's available and have fun with your learning adventures

If you're looking for support with an NVQ or
 CYPW diploma, these pages as well as the forum will help.

Playdough activity ideas to enjoy malleable play Shop for a range of preschool printable resources .. News, updates, adds and information on the latest happenings .. Story time book titles for preschool and home Build on parent partnerships with ideas to support children's learning, development and play
EYFS 2012 - England's early years framework Free resource ideas for the seasons Diary dates for preschool planning, learning and awareness of campaign initiatives .. Early years forum for activity and professional development resources I.C.T. in early years

road safety activities for preschool

    New road safety activity section available
 explore roads and staying safe through a mix of paint and collage activities

Lily pad frogs activity printable
Enjoy the spring with a range of lily and frog printables
Lily pad frogs
Links for planning - Early years and older children's interests...
Spring activities ..
Spring themed activities in the store

Springtime activity ideas - free resources to support preschool early years


Yellow star guide Dr Hadwen Trust find information that supports children's and practitioner's understanding of how some medical institutes use animals, the possible alternatives and how the DHT actively invites participation.
Show children how animals are currently involved with testing regimes and the alternatives that are available ..
Request newsletters for your school that enable information sharing
ther links of interest:
 Cruelty free : page of website links for readers interest
 Animal friendly product sourcing - links page

Yellow star guide Handykam wildlife, bird nest cam and camera kits
Handykam produce a range of wildlife camera kits that bring an awareness of the outdoors in, for children's viewing, knowledge and understanding. A great way to interact with technology  - ICT and nature ..
Affiliate link. 
Handykam camera kits - seasonal viewing for all weathers

Sillybooks.net Yellow star guide Sillybooks.net Music, stories, books, puzzles, and games. A wonderful website run by    
     wonderful people. Drop by and have a look at all the resources.

Dinosaur model making .. Yellow star guide Dinosaur stomping activities
  An early preschool craft idea published on Under5's.co.uk
  Add to junk modelling, paper leaves, sheet made caves and dinosaur storytimes..
  Bumpus jumpus dinosaurumpus  
 Risk assessment information from the HSE  Leading to Excellence from Ofsted

I'm a child let me be International perspectives on early learning  People you may meet
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International perspectives on early learning
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