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Animals Farms, wild or captive, domestic - what other activities have you done to cover this subject?

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Unread 05-08-2006, 09:36 PM
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Notebook Animals Beginning with 'H'

I'm trying to compile a concise list of animals (not bird or fish types) so we can have a 'database'. I'll add a new letter every few days, if you can all add onto the thread we should create a veritable zoo!


Hair Jelly/Snottie Jellyfish
Haitian Solenodon
Haly’s Treeskink
Hammerhead Shark
Hare - Hispid
Harlequin Bug
Harp Seal
Hartebeest – Swaynes’, Tora
Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra
Harvest Mouse
Hawaiian Hoary Bat
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Hawksbill Turtle
Hermann’s Tortoise
Hermit Crab
Highcrown Seahorse
Hispid Hare
Hoary Fox
Hog - Pygmy
Hondo Stoat
Hook-nosed Sea Snake
Horse – Shire, Arabian, Palomino
Horseshoe Bat
Horseshoe Crab
House Cat
House Fly
Howler Monkey
Hualapai Mexican Vole
Huemul – North Andean, South Andean
Humboldt Penguin
Humpback Whale
Humpnose Lizard
Huntsman Spider
Hutia – Cabrera’s, Dwarf, Large-Eared,Little Earth
Hydrosaurus/Webber Sailfin Dragon
Hyena – Barbary, Brown
Hyla Medusa :frog:

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