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Books & Stories If or Have you ever built a topic around a book title? Let everyone share your questions, answers & experiences .....

Count and rhyme as you sow pea seeds

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Unread 09-17-2007, 02:32 PM
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Book Review BookReview: The Fish Who Could Wish

THE FISH who could wish ~ By John Bush and Korky Paul

A book we accidently came by in a second hand shop and was told with great excitement by my Ds that it was one they school ... that it was really really good .. but then ruefully added he didn’t really want it at home as they'd read it sooooo many times already lol that recommedation all of it's own was a good enough reason for to buy it for myself !!

Fun, bright & full of action the short rhyming verses on each page are precise & very funny.

The Fish could wish … and those wishes came true.

From shrinking in size to dodge hungry sharks to switching over bodies to teach them a lesson, castles, cars, horses & guitars ... shapes, skiing and snow, you name it the fish wished it …

LOL at the ending as ... ‘The one wish he never wished was to be wise, so that last wish, was his last wish .. ever....

PM me if you hate cliff hangers or can’t find the answer elsewhere !!!

Themes to include this book under could be:

Aquariums & fish keeping
Ocean life
Knowledge & Understanding of the world
Water colours – Artists
Opposites – wet & dry - Big & Small


The book also lends itself perfectly for its own topic !
It has many examples in that can be explored to look at different environments, modes of travel, creatures and indeed what happens when you wish for wishes !!

Using the book for PSE

Examples for a PSE moral & citizenship aspect ...

What analogies can you think of to show the various situations fish goes through to the children.

Wishing for a Castle
Homes and where you live... contentment? and community.
What do you think?

Wishing for Clothes
Fabrics, Labour, Manufacture, delivery & sales:
Preferences - uniforms, work clothes and clothes for fun !
What do you think?

Wishing for Cars
How we get around and how we would like to get around !?
What do you think?

The Sharks
Bullying & Empathy - Protection & Compromise
Resolving differences by physical experience ?

Look at how its possible to realise differences by physical experience and also by discussion/empathy ?

EG: Would debating how Fish felt when the shark attempted to eat him be beneficial .. or was the physical exchange of places more of a result !?

Big Shark - Small Fish
Intimidation and the confidence to stand up to it
Protection and the ability to Compromise

What would the children make of these two statements ?
1. Small fish with a big shark outlook 2. Big shark with small fish outlook

Recognising and identifying needs.
Adapting and responding to individual situations.
What is a Shark ?
What is a Fish ?
What is Outlook ?

Peculiar situations - Snowing under the sea list request .. if anyone can add to it .. please do

Story telling, imaginative & made up language .. silly words & silly actions

To end the topic maybe the children could be given the option of deciding if they think fish was wise or not in wanting to be like all the other fish in the sea ...

A few craft activities
  • Watercolour painting
  • Cut out some 'Wish bubbles' (circles of paper) and draw/glue pictures inside them.
  • Make a castle under the sea ~ With a clothes hanger maybe.
  • Guitars and musical instrument making - Junk model boxes & elastic bands.
  • Look at fish colours .. blend red & yellow paint to create a classic goldfish colour.
  • Our simple goldfish colouring picture can be painted over, coloured or collaged ~ Goldfish colouring
  • Let the childlren make fish by cutting out and assembling their own shapes.

As always please carry on adding ..

Bookmark the What's New' page and keep up to date with all the latest additions.

Supporting the forum thank you for every generosity, without visitor donations there wouldn't be a forum xx

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