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Identifying contents and addressing gifts.

     Fiesty firefly's label selection ..
Secret Santa labels
Assemble and attach handmade labels that name all the participants of your secret Santa event.
Once finished, pop them all into a bag or santa hat and offer around for selection.
See who you'll be 'Santaring for  ..
Secret santa label
Each Snowperson label has a tab/slot area on the tummy front to store the recipients name tag. this ensure anonymity to all but the secret santa/giver..

anta tag label templates

Click to open label templates in a new window

Resources needed
White card - black paper
Blue or other paper/card for the main label
Curling ribbon
Hole punch and 2 x 5mm eyelets + setting tool.
Adhesive glue
White tissue paper
Resources needed to make secret santa gift labels
To make 
holly  Print label and snowperson templates
holly   Cut the main label from blue or other coloured paper/card.
holly   Using a hole punch cut a hole at the top of the label and also in the smaller gift name tag.
holly   Position a 5mm eyelet into the hole and with a setting tool squeeze to secure in place:
Label and name tag eyelets

holly   Place both to one side and build the Snowperson ...
holly  Cut a black hat from the template provided and snip along the cut line.
holly  Slot the snow person head through the slit and glue in place.
holly   Glue on a small holly image to the front of the hat.
holly   Fold up the lower base of the snowperson and carefully / narrowly glue the two outer edges together: This will form the Snowperson's tummy and the slot area to store the name gift tag.
Assemble the snowperson ..
Decorate the label ..
holly Tear a piece of tissue paper or similar, slightly larger than the snowperson and glue together.
holly Position onto the front of the blue label and glue in place.
holly Cut lengths of curling ribbon and attach the name tag to one piece that enables it to reach and fit into the front tummy area.
holly   Write colleague or recipient's name on the tag and slot it into the snowpersons tummy !
  Repeat the process for as many people taking part in your Secret Santa event.

holly bar holly bar
 snowbaby Santa hat on amazon - select your secret santa festively .
 holly The Gift of christmas is a nice read featuring Molly mouse who tries unsuccessfully to collect decorations for a beautiful woodland tree, her friends all help out and with their gifts turn the tree into a sparkling surprise ..

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