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Mischief Mouse's collection of craft activities for preschool and early years.
Printable resources to help support play - colouring, mark making, labelling, promoting, engaging and extending..
Magical Mammoth's recipes to play with and recipes to eat ..
Stitch Squirrel provides a little tree space for some needle and thread projects  - handmade resources to support learning and development.
Calculator Caterpillar's range of activity ideas to support math, reasoning and problem solving.
Hope Hedgehog invites visitors to take a look through some articles of interest ...
Navigator Narwhal's outdoor - in activity ideas for preschool and early years play.


  Colouring pictures - People who help us
    Spindle Spider's colouring picture collections

Welcome to Spindle's colouring page of people who help us themed images ..
Dentist colouring picture - people who help us

Dentist colouring picture
Police officer colouring picture - people who help us

Police officer
Doctor colouring picture, people who help us
Doctor colouring picture  
 plaster outline template
Postal worker - postman postwoman  - people who help us

Postal worker
Fire person colouring picture - people who help us

Fire person
School crossing patrol officer colouring picture - people who help us - lollipop man lollipop woman

School crossing patrol
 road safety awareness - craft activities

Librarian colouring picture - people who help us

Shop assistant colouring picture - people who help us

Shop assistant
Nurse - female colouring picture - people who help us
Nurse colouring picture
Boy tooth fairy colouring picture - people who help us

Boy tooth fairy
Optitcian colouring picture - people who help us

 Optician colouring
Girl tooth fairy colouring pipcture - people who help us

Girl tooth fairy


Blue pencil Colouring pictures are useful resources to have in settings that promote children's right to choose, lead, initiate and direct their own play.
red pencil Support children's learning and development with visual resources that enable exploration, evaluation, examination, participation and equality.
red pencil  Other uses include:
red dot Wall red dot notice board red dot displays red dot signage red dot learning focus red dot

red dot  Crop and resize the images to add interest to newsletters, events and information:
red dot Please do not use to gain financially - commercially / personally.
red dot Charities please always get in touch
red dot Images are not to be uploaded to other websites or included in resources that are hosted on other servers/websites.


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