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Mischief Mouse's collection of craft activities for preschool and early years.
Printable resources to help support play - colouring, mark making, labelling, promoting, engaging and extending..
Magical Mammoth's recipes to play with and recipes to eat ..
Stitch Squirrel provides a little tree space for some needle and thread projects  - handmade resources to support learning and development.
Calculator Caterpillar's range of activity ideas to support math, reasoning and problem solving.
Hope Hedgehog invites visitors to take a look through some articles of interest ...
Navigator Narwhal's outdoor - in activity ideas for preschool and early years play.

  Articles for children's care, learning and development
  Articles for research and leads for children's care learning and development
 List of Skylander character figures for role play gaming
If your early years childcare setting, club or group has a game console / educational computer software policy for children's entertainment & learning please use this page and the skylanders list to keep up-to-date with the happenings in the world of Activision's Skylands..

Skylanders - Spyro's adventure and Giants both have a pegi rating of 7+
PC - Wii - Xbox 360 - PS3

Minimise the risk of conflict happening when children take imaginative play ideas from digital programmes and virtual games or video to their gross motor play by agreeing boundaries that protect themselves, others and examines the concept involved with 'should, what you see inside a game, stay inside a game?' explore why children give their particular replies. 
Skylanders elements list - fire, water, magic, tech, air, undead, earth, life.
 Download a printable list of the skylanders names and use tag-ties or pegs to identify visiting figures.
Skylanders name list

The following 1st series of character images and text links are to amazon.co.uk through silkysteps affiliate account.
Spyro - Skylander
Magic skylander
available in the start up packs:Choose your console
Double Trouble - Skylander
Magic skylander
 Double  Trouble
Wrecking ball - Skylander
Magic skylander
 Wrecking    ball
Voodood - Skylander
Magic skylander
Boomer - Skylander
Tech skylander
Drill Sergeant - Skylander
Tech skylander
 Drill  Sargeant
Drobot - Skylander
Tech skylander
Trigger happy - Skylander
 Tech skylander
 Trigger  Happy
available in the start up packs
Bash - skylander
 Earth skylander
Dino Rang - skylander
Earth skylander
Prism break - Skylander
 Earth skylander
 Prism  Break
Terrafin- Skylander
Earth skylander
Slam Bam - Skylander
Water skylander
 Slam Bam
Zap - Skylander
Water skylander
Wham-shell - Skylander
 Water skylander
Gill grunt - Skylander
Water skylander
 Gill Grunt
available in the start up packs
Ignitor - Skylander
Fire skylander
Erupter - Skylander
Fire skylander
Flameslinger - Skylander
Fire skylander
 Flame  Slinger
Sunburn - Skylander
Fire skylander
Camo - Skylander
Life skylander
Stump smash - Skylander
Life skylander
  Stump  Smash
Zook - Skylander
Life skylander
Stealth Elf - Skylander
Life skylander
 Stealth  Elf
Hex - Skylander
Undead skylander
Cynder - Skylander
Undead skylander  
Chop Chop - Skylander
Undead skylander  
 Chop Chop
Ghost Roaster - Skylander
Undead skylander  
 Ghost  Roaster
Whirlwind - Skylander
Air skylander
Warnado - Skylander
Air skylander
Sonic boom - Skylander
Air skylander
 Sonic  Boom
Lightning Rod - Skylander
Air skylander
 Lightning  Rod
Figures are available in single and triple packs, as part of starter sets and in adventure packs.

There are also special edition legendary sets, glo-in-the-dark, colour change, dark, silver and gold figures & also for this first series a volcanic vault playing piece that reskins the aquaduct arena when in battle mode. How to use the volcanic vault: Start up the portal of power and enter Skylands play mode, place the volcanic vault on the portal. This will automatically unlock the arena so that the next time you visit battle mode the new skin has been applied. This magic item only needs to be placed on the portal once. it isn't needed to play further games on the now unlocked area..

Volcanic vault  - turns the aquaduct battle arena into a lava filled hot spot ..

Purchase a portal set that is compatible with your already owned console ie. a Wii, Xbox 360, Windows XP, Playstation 3, 3DS and then individual character figures. These figures are compatible across all platforms - ie. 1 figure will play on all portals Wii, Xbox, Windows, PS3 or 3ds ..

Identical figures can play side by side in a game, so if you invite 'visiting skylanders to play - good for team work! remember which belongs to whom when it's time to pack up - tag ties ..
Adventure packs
                  Pirate seas                  Darklight crypt             Dragon's Peak              Empire of Ice
Character:     Terrafin                           Ghost Roaster                      Sunburn                         Slam Bam
Pirate seas
Darklight crypt
Dragon's Peak
Empire of Ice

Skylanders giants launched in autumn 2012
along with the new game comes a set of series 2 characters.
Series 1 characters, as listed above play on the new game, some characters have been re-released or 're-posed' to match the orange base associated with giants & have a higher capping of skill levels and some feature a lightcore that enables figures to glow when placed on the portal. All Giants glow ...

New characters include
Life skylander Tree-rex Tech skylander Bouncer Air skylander Swarm Earth skylander Crusher Water skylander Thump back Fire skylander Hothead
Magic skylander
Ninjini Undead skylander Eye-Brawl

Smaller characters
Lightcore Chill - Lightcore Jet-vac - Sprocket - Flashwing - Hot dog - Fright rider


When ready , and inline with any safeguarding awareness that the setting has in partnership with children, collagues and parents involving cyber bullying, use of the internet, home made accounts, gaining permission, adult and peer supervision or support,  the game itself expands online at

Safeguarding children - informative websites for the UK

Nominet's knowthenet.org.uk safe online gaming for children

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