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Mischief Mouse's collection of craft activities for preschool and early years.
Printable resources to help support play - colouring, mark making, labelling, promoting, engaging and extending..
Magical Mammoth's recipes to play with and recipes to eat ..
Stitch Squirrel provides a little tree space for some needle and thread projects  - handmade resources to support learning and development.
Calculator Caterpillar's range of activity ideas to support math, reasoning and problem solving.
Hope Hedgehog invites visitors to take a look through some articles of interest ...
Navigator Narwhal's outdoor - in activity ideas for preschool and early years play.
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  Activities for math
     Ideas to explore quantity, number, position and problem solving language.
    Calculator Caterpillar's activities for math ..
Sandcastle flags and messy preschool play
Enjoy labelling the sandcastles built in your sand tray.The following printables can be used to order, number, identify quantity and assign ownership.
Sandcastle builing and flag labelling
Illustrated sandcastle flags
Illustrated flags for sandcastle flag poles
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Sand circle Resources needed to make the flags
 yellow Stick glue, scissors, poles, paper and flag printouts.
Make flags to label sandcastles
Sand circle To make
yellow Choose a selection of materials to form the flag poles eg: drinking straws, wooden dowelling, bamboo cane, twigs.
yellow Print the flag images and fold the paper sheet in half.
yellow Cut the flags so that each is doubled and can be wrapped around the top of each pole.
yellow Secure in place - back to back with stick glue.
yellow Once the procedure to make the flags is known provide a variety of materlas for children to choose, cut, rip, wrap and secure, making their own labelling devices.

  Flags 1 - 6              Flags 7 - 12            Flags 13 - 18           Flags 19 - 20
Numbered sandcastle flags - 1 to 6
Sand circle
Numbered sandcastle flags - 7 to 12
Sand circle
Numbered sandcastle flags - 13 to 18
Sand circle
Numbered sandcastle flags - 13 to 18
Large bucket of sand Other sandcastle flag resources:
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 Bucket of sand Summer and beach themed story book list
yellow  Spade and bucket craft outlines

yellow  Add literacy to sand and dough play with moulds that support language development.
    Use to name the children's sandcastles, turn out and decorate or use as visual tools for                  children to track and trace letter formations with other markmaking resources in the texture
     of the sand's surface. Extend to paint dipping and mark making on paper.
     Lowercase letter moulds for sand and dough and number sand moulds  
Lowercase letter moulds for sand ..
yellow Spades  yellow Buckets yellow
Quantity, colour and action to support  children's individual preference, cooperative play and learning through participation.
    Spades to dig, fill and pat to compress
Bucket of sand  Stacking cups these are provided a range of sizes and designs that enable children to experiment with filling, positioning, building and turning out, supporting mathmatical development and the repetition of positive experiences involving transportational, enclosure and enveloping schema.
Add shape, colour, size to children's sand building activities
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Main sandcastle image istock © Stephen Ludgate
Activity illustrated photo © Silkysteps 2010

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