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How to make a card Tudor Collar or Ruff

Tudor collar - ruff. Role play prop

Using card or paper this collar pattern guide can be used for a range of temporary activities.
Please note this is a fabric & materials project only, there is no sewing involved.
 Interfacing fabric information from wikipedia

Resources needed
3 Sheets of A4 white card
Hoop and loop tape
Access to a glue gun
Tape measure & ruler
Scissors, clear contact adhesive
Thick interfacing fabric / material

Resources needed - interfacing fabric, pleated / folded card and hook & loop tape, glue gun ..

This collar was made for an 8yr old boy and used 5 sections of folds on a interfacing collar strip measuring 35cm in length.

 For a comfortable, unrestrictive fit for a 5yr old maybe use the same number of fold sections on a strip of interfacing measuring approx 28 - 30cm . Ideally make collar individual by measureing their neck and adding on 3cm more.

Tudor collar measurement

Make the collar and ruff..
Making the collar..

Cut a strip of interfacing material the length needed and approx 2cm wide - place to one side.

blue   Fold each of the A4 sheets of card in half, widthways and then flatten out again - this provides a central cut line once the card has been pleated.
blue   Fold - backwards and forwards to form a concertina design - using about 1cm deep folds.
blue   Hold all the folds together firmly and then cut in half - use the pre-made central fold as the cut line.
blue   Repeat this with the remaining sheets of card.
     5 sections should be enough to stretch the circumference of the collar.
blue   Use the clear contact adhesive to glue all sections together along the short, end edges - forming a complete strip.
blue   Work quickly on the pieces so that the glue does not dry out before you've finished positioning the ruff folds.
blue   Take up the pre measured 2cm interfacing strip and lay it on a hard flat surface.
  With the hot glue gun, lay on a generous amount of glue along the flat side of the interfacing.
blue   Gather up the whole ruff length and stand it up - on and into the hot glue .. leave appox 1.5 cm free on one end of the interfacing for the hook tape.
blue   Whilst you have time re position the folds as necessary to ensure an even balance across the whole length of the collar.
blue   Press down gently so that all the card folds catch in the glue and are secured in place.

blue   Cut 2 small 1cm square pieces of both hook and loop tape + 2 x 1.5cm strips 
blue   Where marked by the arrows glue hook - rough side of tape to the upper edge of the collar overhang.
  .. and loop to the opposite side - below
blue   Glue the 2 corresponding 1.5cm strips to each upper edge of the paper folds
blue   Trim the interfacing and paper wherever necessary to neaten off.
Attach the hook and loop fastenings

Finished collar ruff
Finished tudor collar ruff
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