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Level 3 Diploma EYE NVQ Level 3 support for: NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development, Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce, England's Early years Educator qualification Please DO NOT COPY and PASTE information from this forum and then submit the work as your own. Plagiarism risks you failing the course and the development of your professional knowledge.

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Old 03-21-2012, 09:24 PM
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Default school as organisation unit

Schools as an organisation

3.1. Explain how the ethos, mission, aims and values of a school may be reflected in working practices

3.2. Evaluate methods of communicating a school’s ethos, mission, aims and values

4.3. Explain the roles of regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislative framework,
• general bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive
• school specific regulatory bodies.
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Old 03-22-2012, 08:44 AM
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3.1 Explain how the ethos, mission, aims and values of a school may be reflected in working practice.

The Ethos of the school should be recognisable when entering the school setting as it is part and parcel of the environment of the school and the daily practice of the staff and pupils there. I am aware that all adults that work and are part of the setting at Parkhill Infants School have an important responsibility in modelling standards of behaviour, both in their dealings with children who attend the school and amongst colleagues, as their own example has a momentous influence on the children. Good associations and strong collaborations between adults will encourage the good behaviour in children. All adults within the school should aim to create an optimistic and positive environment that holds high but reasonable expectations of every child who attends the school, emphasise the significance of being respected as an individual within the school. Encourage, through example, truthfulness and politeness while encouraging children to have relationships based on fairness, kindness and understanding of the needs of the other children within the school.

3.2 Evaluate methods of communicating a schools ethos, mission aims and values.

The ethos and mission of a school is often referred to as the same thing, however, they are both very different. The mission of a school is based upon what the school intends to achieve in a more physical and academical way as set out by the head teacher. This is often seen as a motto and slogan as you enter a school.

The Ethos of a school is more related to the beliefs and feelings of a school. The Ethos of the school should be recognisable when entering the school environment as it is part of the nature and daily practice of the staff and pupils who work there. The ethos is set out for the whole school to be aware of and is reinforced through daily activities. It enforces that children’s safety is paramount and with the purpose of children are at the centre of everything.
The aims of the school are set out by the head teacher in partnership with the parents, staff and the community which should provide all members of the school community with a safe and respected environment which is paramount in obtaining a successful learning environment. The aims for the children at Parkhill School are to increase each pupils understanding of the world around them and to provide each pupil with the appropriate balance of both challenge and support in the learning, to provide for the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development of the pupils regardless of their disability, gender, race or ethnic background.

4.3 Explain the roles of regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislative framework, including;

a. General bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive.
Health and Safety Executives (HSE) is a UK government body that is responsible for enforcing Health and Safety at work legislation. The HSE plays an additional role in producing advice on Health and Safety issues and guidance on relevant legislation. The HSE mission is to prevent ill health, injuries and to ensure that professionals within education or elsewhere are managing any significant risks arising from school activities and off the school premises. The HSE will check a number of things within a school e.g. toilet facilities for both staff and pupils, the condition of the school premises, medical rooms, water supplies, weather protection, lighting, heating and ventilation. Properly maintained flooring and that the appropriate measures are in place to prevent slips on wet surfaces. In the playground, the equipment that the children play or use is not faulty or rusted and that the playground surfaces are adequate.
On school trips and off site visits HSE will be carried out on;
Any special educational or medical needs of the students.
The age, competence, and fitness of the pupils along with the usual standard of behaviour.
Adult to student ratio.
The proficiency and experience of the accompanying adults.
Modes of transport, journey routes and location visit as well as any emergency procedures.

b. School specific regulatory bodies.
School specific regulatory bodies (OFSTED for England) are responsible for carrying out inspections of colleges, children’s homes and schools to ensure that the quality of the service provided is adequate for every individual child and young person. During an inspection they will gather evidence based on the practice they are observing as well as what they learn from the people using the service. They then use this evidence and other information that is gathered to make a professional judgement on the service offered and it will then be published in an Ofsted report. The report will contain the quality of provision in the National Curriculum subjects and aspects of childcare, socialcare, education as well as learning and skills. Ofsted will also act as a regulator in checking that the people, premises and the services that are provided are suitable to care and educate children and potentially at risk young people. If childcare or a child’s social care provider does not meet the adequate or required standards then Ofsted will need them to take the necessary actions to improve their facilities.

Hpe that is of help!

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Avoiding plagiarism thread
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Old 03-01-2013, 09:02 AM
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Thankyou very much for this information, helped me a lot
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Old 06-11-2013, 03:48 PM
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This information has helped me out loads thank you muchly :)
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