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Level 3 Diploma EYE NVQ Level 3 support for: NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development, Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce, England's Early years Educator qualification Please DO NOT COPY and PASTE information from this forum and then submit the work as your own. Plagiarism risks you failing the course and the development of your professional knowledge.

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Unread 07-29-2011, 08:48 AM
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Default eymp 3 explain the welfare requirements?

Hi everyone me again just need guidance again.

this is the question EYMP 3 :

1.1 Explain the welfare requirements and guidance of the relevant early years framework.

Welfare requirements - Within your setting you should safeguard and promote
Children’s welfare, we must take necessary steps to ensure this. We must
promote good health of all children within our care and take steps to prevent
the spread of infection from others within our care and take appropriate action
when they are ill. We must ensure that there are suitable people and staffing
levels are appropriate to ensure safety to all children. The premises,
environment and equipment must be suitable to cater for the children, these
include outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys and they
must be safe and suitable for the children in your care, age/stage

Your safeguarding/admissions/settling in policies should be kept
up to date. It is important for all staff to read all policies and procedures. As a
practitioner you should be aware of nutrition needs and plan healthy
meals/snacks for children and on some occasions give advice to parents. You
should be aware of portion sizes, this is important because children can still
become overweight on healthy foods if they are given too much. Every setting
should have routines they should reflect the varying needs of all children
within your group especially in terms of sleep and rest. All routines should
allow time for outdoor play for all ages. Routines also need to be flexible
enough to allow the children to finish their task. Under the EYFS we as
practitioners observe children during physical play this is to note the skills that
they are showing and what could be emerging, this gives us important
information on how we can support the child such as providing new activities,
toys or simply encourage the child.
Within the EYFS it is important to work closely with parents, we can find out
their child’s needs, you can also provide support and advice on topics, sleep,
toilet training and nutrition.

EYFS Statutory requirements, Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare.
Principles in to practice card 1.4 Health and Well being.

Just realised i havent put the guidance but can add that on.
am i doing too much or will this cover it.


EYMP 3 in level 3 handbook on amazon.o.uk
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Unread 07-29-2011, 10:16 AM
kerrie D kerrie D is offline
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HI Lynne

for 1.1 i went through each of the welfare requirements as stated in EYFS and wrote a little about the main points for each one. Have had this signed off so should be ok,

Kerrie x
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Unread 07-29-2011, 04:29 PM
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I have finished this question now and yes i have gone into too much detail but least i have finished it.
I went all through the EYFS specific legal requirements and the guidance on health and well being .

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Unread 07-29-2011, 07:49 PM
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Welfare requirements were bought in, in September 2008 as part of the EYFS welfare requirements and are compulsory. Theses are split into 5 groups which our operational planning covers.
Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare has legal and statutory guidance general legal requirements cover and the provider must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The provider must promote the good health of children and take necessary steps to prevent cross infections, and take appropriate action when they are ill. Children’s behaviour must be managed effectively and in a manner appropriate for their stage of development and particular individual needs.
Specific legal requirements and statutory guidance covers safeguarding, information and complaints, premises and security, outings, equality of opportunities. Medicines, illness and injuries, food and drink, smoking, behaviour management.
These cover the many day to day activities we provide. Some of the above are covered in unit 076.4.1
Suitable people include vetting procedures, health, training levels, qualifications and ratio and staff qualification levels.
Suitable premises covers children are looked after that premises and environments are safe checks are mentioned in unit 076 4.1.risk assessments
Organisation this is more to do with the promotion of learning and development. This is where planning and organising of settings systems provide each child with fun, yet challenging learning and development experiences to meet the child’s individual needs. Like key workers promote equality of opportunities and anti-discriminate behaviour, sensitive observations, fire detecting equipment, suitable for all users. Meets all the health and safety regulations.
Documentation records and documentation that is kept in the setting referring to policies and procedures required for the safe and efficient management of the setting and to me children’s individual needs. All records are kept in accordance with the data protection act 1998 and the freedom of information act 2000 and children must have certain data kept on them at the setting. Such as their name, date of birth, and address, emergency contact details. Risk assessments, registers, ofsted reports
Lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting I have to report to my line manager or the deputy manager. My setting also has a health and safety officer, fire officer, child protection officer.
this is what i think
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Unread 07-29-2011, 08:15 PM
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Hi Tina,
i did roughly the same but a little more in depth about what the requirements are.

Thankyou least i know i was on the right track.


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Unread 10-29-2013, 01:09 PM
nasrin nasrin is offline
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thanks to everyone who posted, this has really helped me alot


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Unread 04-14-2014, 05:51 PM
juliekmac juliekmac is offline
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Whoop whoop - yayy

I would like to say thank you to every one that has posted comments on here, they have helped me get through this course so much over the past few months, just a couple more units to go and i will be complete.
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Unread 05-23-2015, 02:24 PM
jade96 jade96 is offline
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hiya, im doing this piece of work now about welfare requirements and getting most of my info from http://cms.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/ea...ements.doc.pdf , im writing every single requirement and every single piece of statutory guidance. I've done 12 pages of work already and been on it for 3 hours :/, and im just over half way, is this way to much detail or about the same as everyone else?
please help don't want to waste more time on it.

thanks :)
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Unread 05-23-2015, 03:23 PM
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Hi, the document you've linked to is guidance that relates to the 2008 EYFS framework.

You'll be better reading the current 2014 edition then once you're familiar with section 3's safeguarding and welfare requirements you can write about it rather than copying word for word xx

Best wishes

Bookmark the What's New' page and keep up to date with all the latest additions.

Supporting the forum thank you for every generosity, without visitor donations there wouldn't be a forum xx

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