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Level 2 Cert & NVQ Level 2 : NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development & Certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce. Please DO NOT COPY and PASTE information from this forum and then submit the work as your own. This is plagiarism, it risks you failing the course and doesn't help anyone develop their professional knowledge.

Make dinosaur heads and bodies then collage and connect to build puppets ..

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Old 06-07-2011, 03:38 PM
babyface 2011 babyface 2011 is offline
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Default can anyone help with k2p74 values and principles?

I had wrote a bit about this and personilised it to my setting but was told i ahvent answered this properly.

I have asked her to go through this for me but she got called away today and I just don't knw how to answer it can anyone give me some pointers
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Old 06-14-2011, 08:34 PM
tigi_2003 tigi_2003 is offline
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are you aware of the values and principle? Do you know what each of them are?

Basically just need to state how your setting implements each value and principle

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Old 07-09-2011, 04:13 PM
discod discod is offline
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Default level 3 principles and values

Heya this is my first post and im ashamed to be asking for help but I intend to stay here thoughout the course and hopefully help others if need be.
Ive just started my level three childcare and early years but im not doing it at college its all done through work where my tutor comes to visit.
Anyhow because its done this way and not with a room full of other people to bounce stuff off im finding it quite hard.
Here is my first question..im not wanting any answers just a quick pointer or example would be great.It says ''think of a particular situation when you were able to treat children,their families,young people and their carers with respect''.
Now I do not know if it means all of these or just one as its just laid out on paper like that.
Any help would be great thank you xxx

edit...I dont know how this ended up in here sorry xx
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Old 07-14-2011, 08:17 PM
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I have chosen to answer this question by using certain children from my setting to give an example of the 3 principles and 9 values were needed

You value the welfare of each child i will use child A to help, this child A is an older child who will be going to school this September but has had a lot of upset in their life .Their father and stepfather has left them the step father just a few weeks ago this child has moved house as well so it very insecure and upset and has behaviour problems due to family upset .We are taken extra care to help child A with his feelings which they are struggling with at the moment which has caused a stutter and aggressive behaviour toward other children .We are getting child A to express his feelings in non disruptive behaviour drawing ,talking taking aggression out on play dough .And managing the aggressive behaviour in accordance with the settings policy .Child A is also seeing a speech therapist as the stutter has been ongoing for a few years .

You contribute effectively to each childs care and learning

You work with parents we have a warm friendly environment we talk to the parents every morning ask how they and their children are doing that day so encouraging a free movement of information between staff and children having the parents discuss any worries they have about their children . Or if we have multi-lingual may be the parent could help us .We try to involve the parents as much as possible in their children’s experience in are settings .there news letters and notice boards we have just put up a menu board so parents can see what the children are eating and if they are not happy the ways we can change it

Ensure the needs , rights and views of each child is at the centre of your environment

We do offer support services to people who have requested or their children needs these services like speech therapists .Are children are able to access all resources,activites and materials .We have circle and discussions about what the children want to do and learn about they are evolved in the medium planning .We always display the children’s work and activities on the art gallery .The children also made their own rules for the setting.

Celebrate individuality ,difference , and diversity the children have full access to a wide range of activities ,displays, posters and books which show children they should embrace their unique individualism and differences

Ensure equality of opportunity and anti-discriminate behaviour We are celebrating different cultures at the moment with schools and farming methods and cooking .We have lots of books posters ,jigsaw puzzles and activities going on all the time with the children to cover these subjects .There are also several policies showing what to do if you come across any breaches of policies .There are books in several languages as well as most of the staff speak 1 or more languages other than English .We also cover different family styles as are setting has multiple family styles and the children are told about the differences and that this is alright it is not right or wrong .

Provide a safe environment that allows appropriate risk and challenges

We allow the children to take safe risks ,risks that will not seriously hurt a child but the children will be under adult supervision and risk assessments will have been carried out before a child can try .Children need challenges to grow and develop but they must be done following the health and safety policies Are indoor and outdoors areas have been designed to allow the children to have some risk but to be safe like safe flooring under the climbing frame and slides .Stairs have been fitted for the children to climb to get to the quite area .

Promote children’s health and well being

We have meal and snack time which encourage healthy eating the children are growing their own vegetables to eat ,Children are shown how to look after themselves from hair ,teeth and to wash hands use the toilet properly ,children have an outdoor area which they are learning about healthy eating and exercise . All staff how serve and prepare food are trained in food hygiene ,We have illness and infectious diseases policies and books .we have a clear hygiene policy to most if not all staff are first aid trained

Promote children’s self esteem and resilience and positive self image

We have a child B who has no confidence at all will not even try to answer any questions put to them other than with the words don’t know or will just giggle so we are trying to help child B be building up their confidence and independence by helping child B to make choices of what they would like to play supporting and encouraging this child in play and helping develop their own ideas while trying not to overwhelm the child. We give praise and reward in very stage of what the child is doing no matter if they fail to complete what the set out to do. We have circle time to get everyone to talk about something they have done. Children are shown how to respect each other this is 1 of their pre-school rules they made up.

Respect confidentiality

The setting has very strict rules on confidentiality I am to say to someone who wants to say anything confidential that I am not allowed to and would they like to speak to a member of staff that can. Every piece of information is on a need to know bases there are policies in place for confidentiality ,record keeping ,sharing of information and exchanging information , There are rooms where people can go to talk for privately.

Share professional knowledge ,skills and values for the benefit of the children

The setting has a very large library of books to help increase knowledge on the staffs behalf .There are also college courses available to staff which are paid for by the setting and can be held at the setting if needed to .The staff have 2 to 3 meetings a month to share ideas and experience but this is also done daily for a student like myself.

Ensure best practice ,which requires reflection and continuous search for improvement

Team meetings are done 2-3 times for a month for planning an exchange of ideas what activities and resources will be needed how is the medium planning linking in with what we are doing and what changes to make to it. The staff and all volunteers like myself are evaluated every 6 months to say how we are doing and is there anything we could do to change our practice to help us to help the children.

this was a level 2 answer about a year a go so you might need to upgrade it slightly
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