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Old 06-04-2011, 04:01 PM
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Default Describe potential confilcts of dilemmas that may arise between duties of care

My brain is on over load can anyone help plz?

Describe potential confilcts of dilemmas that may arise between duty of care and an individuals rights.

Explain the feature of an enviroment or service that promotes the development of children or young people.
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Old 06-07-2011, 09:06 PM
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parent’s have responsibility for their child we as practitioner must not usurp that role as we only play a temporary role in their lives, parents have the lifelong role and centre role.

Carers are responsible for their children but sometimes these individuals rights come into conflict with duty of care.

Dietary needs can cause dilemmas if a child has certain dietary needs and these have not been met. Like giving a child pork when it is against their religion to eat that type of meat it is our duty of care that, that child be given their religious dietary needs as its their individual right.

A child with a disability may not be able to access all areas of the preschool like outdoor play or resources, the setting will need to adapt as their individual rights are not being met (article 23 1-2-3, 27, 29, 3).

Risk taking could come as a conflict; children have the right to experiment and expeience challenge which helps them with learning and development. Children need an element of risk to be able to learn risk assessment for themselves. But if a practitioner becomes over protective then this is conflicting with their duty of care and the child’s individual rights.

If a member of staff neglected their duty of care and was a little rough with the handling of a child this would be in conflict with child’s rights (article 3,19) the right to share information that is a safeguarding concern overrides the need to have parental permission from the parent. As the safety of the child comes first. But as practitioners we have a duty of care to the child. This becomes a real dilemma if you feel the need to contact children’s services.

When the conflicts arise we must be able to respond sensitively and follow procedures and policies if a child’s dietary needs are not being met then we must examine if the staff are correctly informed has the chef been given the correct information. If they have then we need to find out why this conflicts has happened if the chef is unwilling to cook a different meat for the child may be then only beef, chicken or other meats should be ordered . Check that the chef is willing to change talk to them and explain that its important to give their Childs individual rights and follow their dietary needs. Inform management Ask the chef is this except able to them. if they change then it will go no further but if they don’t except the changes then this need to be passed onto the manager and then disciplinary action can be taken.

With disability all children have the right to join in activities al,l children should had access to all resources and outdoor play if a child can not join in and is made to feel isolated then we have to find ways if a disabled child can’t access outdoor play do we need to put a ramp instead of having stairs. Indoors may be lower tables and shelves so a disabled child can reach resources, stairs, doorway, tables and corners could have high visible colouring so a visual impaired child might move around the room easier.

If a practitioner is treating a child slightly rough you can ask them to stop and be gentler to the child as they might not know they are using too much force. if this is repeated then you can use the whistle blowing policy this allows you to tell management what you are concerned about this must first be raised with your line manager if unable to approach your line manager then the project manager should be informed also there is a list of action for children managers how can be contacted be phone or e-mail.the person should also inform the personal who they disclose this information to that it is too be treated as confidential. Then the practitioner will be given as much feed back as the company can without breaking confidentially they are told how will handle the matter and how they can contact this person and whether further assistants might be required.

rough but this is what i think

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