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Level 2 Cert & NVQ Level 2 : NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development & Certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce. Please DO NOT COPY and PASTE information from this forum and then submit the work as your own. This is plagiarism, it risks you failing the course and doesn't help anyone develop their professional knowledge.

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Unread 03-16-2012, 07:19 PM
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Help SOS supporting teaching & learning level 2 HELP!

On my last assignment & last question which is a 2 parter & my brain has now decided to switch off.
The question is :
3.5 Describe how to deal with disagreement between the practitioner and the children and young people????? and the 2nd part is
How to deal with disagreement between the practitioner and other adults???, have some ideas for the 2nd part but my mind is blank on the 1st part.... any help would be grately appreciated
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Unread 03-16-2012, 09:40 PM
kmahrous kmahrous is offline
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Hi Noels1, this is what i have put for this unit. Hope this helps.

3.5 – Describe how to deal with disagreements between:

a) The practitioner and children and young people;

Within my setting I work in the Early Years and Foundation level and I find that there are many disagreements between the children. For example Child A may say “I want to play with that toy but Child B won’t let me”. The way I would deal with this would be to explain to Child A that Child B had this toy first and that Child B can play with this toy for 2 minutes then Child A can have a turn. I would explain to both Child a and B that it’s important to share and it’s more fun if they both play with it for example it could be a doll so I would say “well dolly is getting tired now so why don’t you put dolly to sleep in his/her cot for their midday nap and then one of you can get her bottle ready for when she wakes up and one of you can put some washing on as these are all jobs that we have to do as a mummy and daddy. This is something I do with my daughter when she has her friends round and they start bickering over who is going to play with the doll and it works a treat as they feel really important as they have jobs to do!

b) The practitioner and other adults

I have within my setting had a disagreement with a class teacher. I was asked by the class teacher to prepare snack as I usually do on a weekly basis whilst working there. I explained to the class teacher that I would see what we could prepare for snack and I was told to use some pre-packed cooked ham and chicken that had been frozen and then left to defrost.

Upon inspection of this meat I noticed that it was still frozen. I explained to the teacher that we cannot use this as it is still frozen and also that it clearly states ‘Keep Refrigerated’. The teacher explained to me that it will be ok as he/she freezes food all the time at home. I wasn’t happy about preparing this food for the children so I said to him/her “I am not prepared to prepare this food for the children as the food is still frozen and not a food that is suitable for freezing”. I explained that this could give the children food poisoning and I am not prepared to take that risk. I also explained that I am not trying to be disruptive but it is not safe for the children to eat and as I am the person preparing it if the children were to get ill it would come back on me as I prepared the snack. I explained that we are in a school setting and that whether he/she freezes it at home is entirely up to them but within a school setting we have to follow the school’s food hygiene policy and this clearly states that food has to be fresh, well within its sell by date and sourced from a reputable company.
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